Brand Name: PurPod100™
Brand Owner:
Club coffee lp
logo design:
aardvark inc.

"When you’re a smaller company bringing something completely new to the market, it’s extremely valuable to get significant endorsements from independent experts. For Club Coffee, winning a PAC Global Leadership Award was a testimonial to the immense creativity and effort it took to develop the first certified 100% compostable pod for North America’s leading single serve coffee format – but more than that, it added to our credibility with both new and existing customers, demonstrating recognition for the impact of leading-edge sustainable packaging as an important product attribute." 
John Pigott, CEO


best of show
brand marketing

Brand Name: pizzaexpress
Brand Owner: pizzaexpress
Graphic & structural Designer: bulletproof

"Winning Best of Show in the PAC Global Leadership awards was a real accolade for Bulletproof. It firmly placed us on the map in US design agency land and our client was thrilled to have the PizzaExpress design work recognized on a global scale." 
Debbie Inman 
Head of Communications
London, UK